Our portable power solutions have been carefully crafted to meet the needs of people on the go. With our integrated cable design, iWALK solutions give you the security of fast charging capability without the need for carrying multiple cables and can charge multiple devices at once. Our batteries come equipped with pass through technology. This allows users to charge their portable batteries and their device at the same time. We utilize premium lithium polymer batteries with overcharge protection circuitry. This means you can safely charge your device without the fear of overcharging your device. All of our products have been approved by the National Analysis Center (NAC) and have met the high quality and capability standards required.


Designed to make life simple and keep you connected.

Portable Power (6)

Scorpion AIR


Scorpion 4000x


Duo 3000 2.0


Link Me Plus


Duo 3000


Scorpion 8000x